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Daily Healing Confession

(To be confessed daily like taking medication.)

God you said that I shall declare a thing and it shall be accomplished and established. (Job 22:28)That life or death is in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21) I therefore speak life, resurrection life in the mighty name of Jesus over my ______________ . (Name part of body.) By the blood of Jesus I am the righteousness of God in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:21) Though all the hosts of hell march in to make a second claim they must all march out at the mention of his name. JESUS! All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me by Jesus in His name. (Matthew 28:18) No weapon formed against me shall prosper and all those and everything that rises up in judgment against me shall be silenced and defeated. (Isaiah 54:17) The devil has no power over me, no unsettled claims against me, all has been settled by the blood of Jesus. I have authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the devils power. Nothing shall by any means hurt me. (Luke 10:19) Since God is for me, no one or nothing can sustain an attack against me. (Romans 8:31) I take authority over the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus.

God is my refuge and my fortress my strong tower, in Him I will trust. I am abiding under the shadow of the Almighty. In Him I am taking refuge. Though the arrow flies by day and the terror stalks at night it will not come near my dwelling. (Psalm 91:2-7) Sickness, infirmity, disease, illness and cancer of every kind have no power over me and must leave in the name of Jesus Christ. (John 14:14) God you are Jehovah Rapha. You are the God who heals. (Exodus 15:26) You sent your word and healed me. (Psalm 107:20) By the stripes of Jesus I am healed because Jesus paid the price at the whipping post for me. (Isaiah 53:5) He shed His blood through the 39 stripes that cut furrows down His back. There is a stripe there for this condition in my ___________. (1 Peter 2:24) He was wounded for my transgressions He was bruised for my iniquities, the chastisement of my peace was upon Him and by His stripes I am healed. (Isaiah 53:5)

Behold He is the Lord the God of all flesh there is nothing too hard for Him. Nothing! Absolutely nothing! (Jeremiah 32:27) He has promised to do exceeding abundantly above anything I can ask or think according to the power of the Holy Spirit that lives and works within me. (Ephesians 3:20)Everyone and everything that rises up against me will be torn down, driven back and away from me. I therefore take authority over and cast down every sickness and disease attacking me and thereby exalting itself against the knowledge of God. I tear down and cast out and away every stronghold in the mighty name of Jesus. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

All things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) My times are in His hands. (Psalm 31:15) And I love Him because He first loved me, called me out of darkness into His glorious light and revealed His sovereign purpose for me to serve Him. (1 John 4:9, 1 Peter 2:9, Psalm 138:8) God is good. (Psalm 145:9) God is working for good in my life. (Romans 8:28) God loves me. (Jeremiah 31:3) He has promised that all who sow to the spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. (Galatians 6:8) This is my season for favor and for blessing, a time to reap the blessing and benefit of what has been sown in and through my life. He said to forget none of His benefits who forgives all my iniquity and heals all my diseases, for He redeems my life from the pit and crowns me with loving kindness and compassion. He promised to satisfy my desire with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagles. (Psalm 103:2-5) His intention is that I might prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospers. (3 John 1:2) He promised that He will fulfill His purposes for me and not forsake the work of His hand. (Psalm 138:7-8) Jesus said if I ask anything in His name it will be done by My Father in heaven. (John 15:16) He said ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. (Luke 11:9) When you pray, believe that you have received and it shall be done. (Mark 11:24) Thank you Father that you hear me, that if I pray anything according to your will, you not only hear me but the answer is already on its way. (1 John 5:14-15) I praise you therefore in all things. In everything I give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning me. (1 Thessalonians 5:18) I thank you Lord that the victory is mine in Jesus’ name. I thank you that you have begun a good work in me and you are bringing it to completion. (Philippians 1:6) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. IN JESUS NAME! IT IS SO! AMEN!

Anti-Cancer Prayer

Father God we come before now in the most powerful Name of Jesus!

The name of JESUS is above ALL names, and ALL things (Phil. 2:9). That includes cancer!

“But he answered and said, Every plant, which my Heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.” (Matthew 15:13)

“And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.” (Exodus 23:25)

1. All the activities of silent killers in my body, die, in the name of Jesus!

2. You symptom of cancer in any area of my body, die, in the name of Jesus!

3. Every evil growth in my body, I curse you to die, in Jesus name!

4. I fire back every arrow of cancer, in the name of Jesus!

5. Every abnormal production and uncontrollable behaviour of cells in my body, stop NOW, in the name of Jesus!

6. I bind every spirit of death and hell, in the name of Jesus!

7. Every negative consequence of abnormal production of cells in my body, die, in the name of Jesus!

8. I shall not die but live to declare the works of God, in Jesus name!

9. You mass of extra tissue that has become malignant in me in my …………………………be melted by the fire of God, in the name of Jesus!

10. Every demon of cancer, I bind you and cast you out, in Jesus name!

11. Every vampire spirit, release my life, in the name of Jesus!

12. You malignant tumor, go back to your own kind by fire, in the name of Jesus!

Any demon involved in this sickness I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and command you to come out now!

Now lay your hands on the affected part of your body and pray like this:

Evil growth, dry up and die, in the name of Jesus! Any and all satanic instructions sent out to my body, be dismantled now, in Jesus name! Every poison in my body, come out through the mouth and through the nose and through waste elimination, in the name of Jesus!

Every spirit behind this cancer, come out with all your roots, in the name of Jesus! Come out all the way out now in the name of Jesus! I command you to leave! You have to go now!

Every cancer anchor in my body, be dismantled and destroyed in Jesus name!

Every vehicle of cancer, die, in the name of Jesus!

Power of cancer, die, in the name of Jesus!

Holy Ghost fire, burn away every cancer, in the name of Jesus!

I dismantle every hand of witchcraft (manipulation), in the name of Jesus!

Every threat to my life, my God shall threaten you to death, in the name of Jesus!

Blood of Jesus, move upon every area of my life!

By the power of the stripes of Jesus, I kill every power of cancer, in the name of the Lord Jesus! AMEN! IT IS SO!

Scriptures for Confession:

By His stripes I AM healed! (Isaiah 53:5 & 1 Peter2:24)

Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget none of His benefits, who forgives all MY sins and heals all MY diseases. (Psalm 103:2-3)

No weapon formed against ME shall prosper! (Isaiah 54:17) NAS

But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who pursue me. (Psalm 31:14-15) NIV

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1) KJV

The Divine Health Insurance Policy: Praying Psalm 91

Pray frequently and aggressively!

Father God in Jesus’ Name, I claim that place of rest under the shadow of the Almighty. I declare that you alone are my refuge and my place of safety! You are my God and I trust in You! You have promised to rescue me from every trap and protect me from every disease! You have promised to cover me with your feathers and shelter me under your wings! Your promises are my armor and protection!

I will not be afraid of the terrors of night or arrows that fly by day! I will not dread the disease that stalks in darkness nor the disaster that strikes at midday! Though 1000 fall at my side and though 10,000 are dying around me, these evils will not touch me!

I open my eyes and see how the wicked are punished! I have made the Lord my refuge! I have made the Most High my shelter – no evil will conquer me! No plague will come near my home! Lord you have promised to order your angels to protect me wherever I go! They will hold me up with their hands so I won’t even hurt my foot on a stone! I will trample on lions and cobras! I will crush fierce lions and serpents (demons) under my feet!

Lord you have promised to rescue me because I love you! The Lord will protect me because I trust in the name of Jesus! When I call, you will answer. You have promised to be with me in times of trouble! You have promised to rescue me and honor me and reward me with a long life and give me your salvation (deliverance)! I receive it! In Jesus Name! Amen!

Anti-Cancer Warfare Prayer - Pray frequently and aggressively!

Father God in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am taking a stand rejecting this cancer commanding it to leave my body NOW! Infirmity of cancer, you have no rightful claim upon me! I am a temple of the Holy Spirit! I am a servant of the Most High God! I command you to leave my body! I rebuke the devil and every evil spirit of infirmity (cancer) in the Mighty Name of Jesus! I take authority over you and command you to leave my body, by the stripes of Jesus I AM healed and whole! You robbers and thieves of my life, health, time and energy, I bind you in Jesus name and command you to leave me! GET OUT of my body, mind, spirit, house and life! The Word of God prevails!

The Word of God says Jesus forgives ALL my sins and heals ALL my diseases. He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies. He satisfies my desires and fills my life with good things! My youth is renewed like the eagles. I AM HEALED and whole by the Word of God. Moses, Caleb and Joshua were healthy and just beginning to serve God at age eighty and so will I!

Devil you must bow the knee! Cancer diagnosis you must go! You have no authority over me, no unsettled claims against me. All has been settled by the cross and stripes and blood of Jesus! I rebuke you! You cannot have me! I am Christ’s. I am His servant! I reject this lie and this attack! No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I demand my health back, my peace back, my joy back, my time and energy back and my money back! I rebuke this devourer! I AM FREE AND WHOLE IN JESUS’ NAME! AMEN!

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