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Just want to send a huge thank you to everyone who attended our launch on Saturday, June 8. Thank you all for actively participating and sharing your thoughts, wisdom and experiences - we had a wonderful time! Not to mention some tasty refreshments and snacks….

Our topic and focus was “The Love We Desire”. We know that love is always an interesting subject with many layers of definitions and experiences. Just a few tidbits from our forum discussion: We had quite an interactive discussion about how we define love and why we define love the way we do. We also found out what love is not.

We peeled back layers and went deep into childhood experiences and found we agreed that there are two things we all remember from early life: experiences of love and experiences of hurt. The consensus was that if both of those things impacted each of our lives in such a powerful way, then by our actions and words, we can either impact the lives of those we connect with in a positive or negative way. We talked about love and how it plays out in terms of married and single life…..challenging and insightful.

So we began to see a separation between the “love” that we have given and received in life and real love. We agreed that God is the Source and personification of Love and Christ is the example of what love looks like in action and the Holy Spirit teaches and enables us to love on a higher level. Some take-away bullets points and things to ponder:

  • Love is not: all about “me”, physical attraction, possessive or obsessive
  • Real love is unconditional
  • Some Love words: sacrifice, commitment, forgiveness, relationship, consistent
  • 1 Corinthians 13 teaches us the “Way of Love”
  • Love is much more than an emotion – it is a choice
  • Allowing God to deconstruct old mindsets and teach us how to love His way is a crucial part of this lifelong journey – are you up for it?


We are excited and looking forward to our next forum get together on Saturday, July 13, 2013 same time, same place!!

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