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Sacred Impact Ministries


The EncountHER

Vision and Purpose

Our vision and purpose is in line with our parent, Sacred Impact Ministries, from whom The EncountHer was born. And yes EncountHer is spelled in this way to emphasize "her" for our focus on ministering to women.

It is our goal to bring together women of diverse ethnicities, ages and backgrounds to participate in a casual forum style discussion with real down-to-earth conversation, covering various topics and issues which affect our lives. It is our intention to create an opportunity where we acknowledge and celebrate each other while learning from one another.  

It is a time when we are free to share thoughts and experiences and exchange knowledge and wisdom. We seek to provide a positive challenge by encouraging women to stretch and reach for new heights - to grow, expand and discover. We believe that by living the love of God and building bridges of unity, our families and communities will be strengthened, lives will be transformed and God will be glorified. We look forward to this journey which we hope will bless each participant.

“Our relationship with God should be alive with passion and sincerity – as so should our service to people be also" Rev Roz Sproles

The EncountHer Zone

Warning: This Zone is not for those who believe that their lives are "just fine". Nor is the Zone for the faint of heart or the overly sensitive. We dig deep. We tell the truth. Are you up for that? No challenge - No victory!

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